Our Materials

Our Vegan Leather is made of our patented blend of non-animal products and innovative and sustainable materials such as cotton fibers, pineapple leaves and recycled plastic, sometimes mixed with polyurethane, a polymer used to strengthen the material. 

Vegan leather variations are also known as "Faux Leather", "Synthetic Leather" or "Manmade Leather".

One of the advantages is that it requires little maintenance in comparison to genuine leather, and does not crack or fade easily. Another advantage of vegan leather is that its 100% water-resistant and does not mold like genuine leather.

Vegan Leather is widely used in fashion fabrics, furniture upholstery and the automotive industry. It is a 100% cruelty-free material as it does not harm any animals in the production process to end product. The material is also recyclable at the end of its life.

Thank you for supporting a brand with a cause.